Slice at PoMo.

The folks behind Zsofi Tapas Bar must have felt selling whole pizzas are so passé, hence the resolution to offer pizzas by the Slice. And just in case you think you’ll be chomping on the conventional pre-baked and re-baked slices, perhaps you should pay more attention to this ‘pizza reformation’. Slice pledged to liberate you from the tension among you and your friends when choosing the toppings of a traditional-sized pie so rejoice in the fact that every individual will have an 8-inch by 5-inch they call their own. Over and above, thanks to their flash-bake ovens, no slices here are served cold or stale. Whilst customisation is not allowed, selecting from the santa-claus-list of flavours could just be the toughest decision in your life.

Similar to their pizzas, their milkshakes are like a 20-answer multiple choice question.

If you’d mistaken Slice for Subway, we wouldn’t blame you, moreover the unmistakeable smell of baked pies should really tell you otherwise. Besides, yellow dominates this eatery. A sense of fun and playfulness pervade this place as you step into this chatter-filled interior coming from students. Walk up to the counter and order your slices just like how you did at the sandwich fast food restaurant. Also, couple up your pies with the different combos available. And as you load on the carbs shamelessly, do admire at the walls adorned with iconic characters photoshopped to do the Slice Salute.

We say time to pig in boys.

Caramelised onions, 5

From the uncommonly creative menu, we picked up Caremelised onions, Potent prawns and Tom yum.

All pizzas were served in sealed aluminium bags, so word to the wise: do not hesitate to rip the foil off soon or risk eating slightly soggy pizzas. Grab those cutesy little bottles of Tobasco at the counter for $1.80, or stick with the cheese and peppers.

Vegetarians be pleased with this unique non-meat slice: Caramelised Onions. This pie came with a mish-mash of juicy onions and charred walnuts flakes randomly scattered all over the rectangular-shaped crust. It was a good jumble of sweet and savory in one bite, although there’s nothing much for us to shout about. If you like to play with your food, you could still rearrange the onions and walnuts, which hinted the lack of cheese on top. The crust was really a normal thin bread-like carbohydrates.

Potent prawn, 8

We appreciate the generous number of prawns caught in a web of mozzarella upon the pizza base, giving us more bang for our buck. Spot a pinch of dried chili embedded amongst the sea of prawns, which did not help much in the overall taste. While the freshness of the prawns surely did not disappoint, the potent prawn did not stand out the way we expected it to be.

Tom yum, 8

The tom yum will blow you away with a pie chocked full of shrimps, squids and mussels blanketed in a sour-spicy tom yum sauce. The sea creatures were surprisingly fresh and we would be happier with a more flavourful sauce to company with.

Tomatoes must be cheap, hence the super-saucy affair, which eventually devolved into a soggy sticky mess. Though plastic utensils are provided, we recommend chowing them down the epic meal time way. Although there were several hits and misses, the concept itself is cool enough to give it another shot. While the flash-bake oven boasts to bake a pie within 2 minutes, expect waiting time to be much longer during peak hours; afterall, there’s only one oven. Good news: No Gst or service charge here. Pet peeve: you might reek of parfum de pizza in this air-conditioned eatery.


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