Food For Thought (Cluny road)

Food For Thought (botanical gardens)

After decamping from their original branch at North Bridge Road, Food For Thought is now planted amongst the lush greenery of the Botanical Gardens. Inevitably, business has been blooming.

A quick glance around the interior reveals warm, spacious environs adorned with communal tables and light bulbs held in vintage Milo-tin cans. Elongated flowering pots double as table stilts so that one can enjoy some leafy charms without even the need to hit the sun. In this 200-odd seater that used to be a withering food-court, it seems like there will always be a corner for everyone. And dining seems fuss-free and casual as well. Simply place your order over at the counter (with your table number in mind) and let the efficient crew handle the rest. Good news for the health-conscious: tap water is complimentary and available at self-service.

We say, the walk in the park can wait.

Raisin Cinnamon Roll, 3

Being suckers for cinnamon, there was no wavering in our decision to get a serving of the dessert from the display counter. You may yawn at the plain jane, but those with a sweet tooth will delight in the saccharine roll. Between bites of the cushiony sweet bread, the cinnamon and raisin amalgamation did give us enough sugar rush to place a grin on our faces, though we must admit we had a hard time finishing the lumps of diabetic-inducing icing sugar. Ladies can share this.

Brunch (any three items), 8

Brunch is a pampering affair here at Food For Thought.

It certainly makes your day to be able to choose what ingredients that would go onto your breakfast plate (and what not), and the permutations are only limited by one’s imagination. Fortuitously, this happiness is attainable at just $8 for any 3 items sharing plate space. It is advisable for people with high-cholesterol to stay far away from the eggs that were so lush and runny to taste. Our sauteed mushrooms perfumed with garlic would appeal most to fungi-lovers, and the spoon-tender chunks of sausage shares the limelight with its juiciness and great flavour.

To be honest, all items fit the bill, pity we have only one stomach.

Duo of Pancakes (Dark Choc & Raspberries), 12

If you are feeling extra-decadent, settle for some dark chocolate and raspberries pancakes. With the evident splashes of ingredients set upon our lightly charred pancakes, it felt as though we were eating off Picasso‘s colour palette. Raspberry jam were lavishly smeared across the fluffy pancakes and the extra bite of the seeds broke the monotony of  texture. Little pellets of melted dark chocolate could be seen congregating on one half of the surface whilst the cream unabashedly buried the remaining half. Frankly, we do not think it is still necessary to ask for extra servings of maple syrup. Finish it quickly before the cream turns the hotcakes soggy and jelak.

Basil Almond Chicken Linguine, 14

Despite the green and mean facade, our basil herbs did not overwhelm our palates. Rather, the flavours crawled subtly upon the aldente noodles and the aromatic scent of the spice was inviting and somehow addictive. Slices of chicken and mushroom that waded in the green sea were tender and flavoursome to the bite. We had no queries about this chef’s recommendation, except the fact that the almond was nowhere to be found.

Finally, a reason for us to drag ourselves to the Botanical Gardens.

Just a few weeks into operation, and we can already see families and friends flooding the place faithfully for a great time over great food. Standards are consistent, and they do not charge for service, so it’s not that hard to explain for the full-house on every weekend. Arrive after 11, when you can indulge in both the brunch and the mains. We’ll walk it off in the park later, won’t we?

1 Cluny Road

Singapore Botanic Gardens





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