Oriole Coffee Roasters

Oriole Coffee Roasters@Jiak Chuan

When the modern world and its hectic schedules have taken their toll, returning back to basics is not too bad after all. We are talking about kaya toasts and its counterparts.

If some quiet and private moments are what you yearn, then competitors have nothing on Oriole Coffee Roasters. Though, locating this cafe is not a piece of cake if small roads sound strange to you, so perhaps a little perspiration would come into the equation. A quick glance reveals effort has been made to re-create the 1980s glamour of yesteryear, with a mish-mash of other modern apparatus meant for brewing your cup of joe. Being the younger sister of the much-acclaimed Oriole Cafe off Somerset 313, Oriole Coffee Roasters does inherit some good coffee genes and did not fail to impress: At least our noses were happily flooded with coffee perfume upon arrival.

63 degrees eggs served with toast soldiers, 5.2

The 63 degrees eggs with toast soldiers was a simple charmer———All it took was a pair of perfectly done eggs and a couple of toast sticks, and we were contented. Match your free range eggs with their premium light/dark sauce and allow your soldiers to frolick in the exquisite concoction. This adorable rendition will certainly make your day.

cappuccino (comes together with kaya toasts in a set, 6.5)

Leave the packets of sugar alone: the cappuccino is good enough on its own. Such a creamy and aromatic cup of goodness should only be taken by the sips, as gulping the coffee down would be considered a culinary offence and a waste of money. Besides you do not want to carelessly destroy the lovely coffee art.

Truffled eggs served with tomatoes and toasts, 6.5

We have had our fair share of scrambled eggs across the island, but admittedly, introducing a lick of black truffle cream to this familiar dish was still our virgin attempt. Nevertheless, the intrinsic earthly flavours were delightful, and bits of black truffles buried within hinted the presence of these rare fungi. Sharing plate space were the-really-ordinary toasts and tomatoes.

kaya toasts with cappuccino, 6.5

As simple as it is, kaya-and-butter toasts always steal the show. We could not deny the fact that our toasts appeared slightly underweight, but it was a challenge to keep our fingers away from it either. The porous sandwich crumbled under pressure, and the kaya-butter mixture disintegrated along with it, blending themselves beautifully within our palates. No doubt, love can be simple as well.

 The laid-back ambience here will trap you on their stools for a few good hours if you do not mind vintage lamps and what-nots hanging precariously (yet fancifully) above your heads. Without proper navigation and familiarization with the terrain, hunting down the cafe in this maze of shophouses will prove to be a tad demanding. Then again, if privacy and simple love is what you seek, the cafe is here to fit the bill. Well, except Mondays.

Oriole Coffee Roasters
10/10A Jiak Chuan Road
Tel: 6224 8131

 Tue-sat 8.30am-6pm

sun: 8.30am-5pm




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