SPR.MRKT is not an acronym, guys.

It is simply the word Supermarket, less the vowels: You have to admit that it is a rather cool moniker for a cafe-cum-mini mart bistro. By juxtaposition to the adjacent mob-scene at Amoy Food Centre, SPR.MRKT seems pretty unassuming and modest. But once you take a stride into this cafe adorned in simple and eclectic design touches, it almost feels like entering your best friend’s kitchen. Come lunch time, the cafe transforms into a hotspot for the white-collar crowd; and on Saturdays, be pampered by the brunch dishes they have to offer.

No more sweating it out and choping seats with tissue packets, if you know what we mean.

Sundried Tomato with Mozzarella Cheese & Pesto Bread, 2

The orange-hued Sundried Tomato bread had no aesthetic appeal whatsoever, and the only reason to justify our choice was the unusual mosaic of ingredients that went into the baking process, which also happened to be the reason why we adored it eventually. The result of this combination was a densely packed bread that yielded different layers of flavour that unraveled themselves between bites, and we had to admit it was a good surprise.

Shredded Pork Sandwich, 10

What we just can’t say no to, and you won’t be able to either, is their Shredded Pork Sandwich. Encased within the crispy, buttery croissant was the juicy threads of pulled pork glistening in their glory, and every biteful seemed to reinforce the robust flavours of the meat. A more generous serving would be perfect.

Three Mushroom Risotto, 14

The three mushroom risotto proved that a main dish could also be well-executed without the use of meat, and one mouthful was all it took to knock us off our feet. Every pearl of rice was moist from soaking up the earthly mushroom juices coming from the enoki, shimeji, the button species. The Italian dish was rich and consistent, with some resistance to the bite, just the way it should turn out. Not to mention, it was hard to deny that the cutesy box that held the rice spiced up our dining experience.

With neat arrays of hardware and food items on display, you will never be bored while awaiting for your dish to hit the table. Over and above, the handwritten menu changes on a daily basis so diners could get something different each time they come in, how thoughtful. And be particularly happy when you cannot find GST & service charges on your receipt. We appreciate little things like that in a super-mart.

2 Mccallum Street
Singapore 069043
Hours: 8am-9pm (Mon-Fri), 9am-4pm (Sat)
Tel: 6221 2105





  1. Anony

    Did you ask the people in your photos for permission to put them up? Please be considerate. Having a food blog doesn’t give you the right to do this.

    • hi, i apologise it was a carelessness on my part, i will take note of this in the future, thanks

      • anonymous

        i agree totally. it’s intrusion of their privacy. please remove those pictures of the people. just take photos of your own food.

      • Hey man, i so sorry it affected you so badly.
        I am unable to remove those pics since my post has already been out for sometime.
        I will be more careful in the future.

  2. passerby

    Permission? The owner of The Sartorialist should go to jail then.

    • Hey passerby, thanks for your support! Much appreciation:)

      • The Anony@22 June

        Dear passerby and blog owner,
        The purpose of a food blog is very different from The Satorialist I am afraid. Please be considerate and understand the context before jumping into any flippant statement. To the blog owner, annoymous@23 Jun’s suggestion is to your benefit. I don’t think it is difficult to remove the photos even if the post has been up for a while. Not a compelling excuse at all. It’s for the best of everyone to pull out the photos or the entire post altogether. You can’t afford the consequences should this matter escalate.

      • then perhaps you do not understand food at all. It is not just about how good the food is, the company and the ambience matter a lot as well. And that was what I was trying to portray when I took pictures of people immersing and enjoying themselves in the cafe. It is that simple.

        I will remove these pictures this time round, however you can expect similar posts in the future.

  3. Anony

    Those can be captured without imposing your camera on patrons’s faces. We mean no harm. What we want to see is a responsible food blogging community. If this is really the direction of your your future posts, feel free to restore the photos in this post. Wish you all the best.

  4. Anony3

    It seems to me that the blog owner is adamant not to remove his photos and worse still, continue in his unpalatable behaviour in repeating his mistakes in future. I spy someone familiar in the first photo and she will not be pleased to see her photo circulating on the net. Being someone who takes pictures of food doesn’t give you the prerogative to post photos of the diners. It’s no wonder some restaurant owners do not allow these food bloggers to take pictures of their restaurants for fear that the other diners might be disturbed and intruded upon.

  5. Anonymous4

    Obviously the blog owner loves comments too. Let’s stop giving him hits.

  6. Just saying

    Obviously this blog has no respect for others. And yes the mentality of passerby is as questionable.

  7. EOF

    Just a note: there should be no expectation of privacy when you are in public (exercising, of course, common sense with regards to venues such as the restroom). As such, the blog is well within his right to publish any photos he has taken. Of course, I don’t mean to offend or butt into this issue, lest riling up angry shy people, but I don’t think there are grounds for drawing a line between a blogger who focuses on food and food scene, and a blogger who focuses on fashion. The rights of this blog should be respected too.

  8. The Original Anony

    Just another note: There is a difference between being captured and celebrated on a reputable blog as a good dresser and having an innocent meal but ended up on an amateur food blog. It’s quite an honour to be featured on the satorialist but having to see a photo of yourself on a food blog may not be a pleasant surprise for some. The issue is not a straight forward issue of privacy but having a little respect. We are talking about human beings here not just legal rights. What is lacking in this society is a little bit of empathy. We will respect the blog owner’s right as long as he/she respects tpeople whom he/she has taken photos of. Having said that I do agree that this blog owner is enjoying this little bit of attention by approving comments and not replying. Makes one wonder if he is really sincere in the first few replies

    • anony

      I believe his sincerity should not be questioned. If not, you would be seeing this entire post in caps if you followed this blog from the start.

  9. Blogger Friend


    maybe that would be something good for the blogger to read

  10. Food MOB

    Not meaning to intrude rudely into this particular subject but I think this whole matter is being blown out of proportion. Firstly we should just recognize the main motive of why the blogger took that particular photo. He was just simply yearning to illustrate the atmosphere of this amazing cafe he is advertising. None of the photos were focused on anyone in particular and it was just a general shot of the whole environment of the cafe. Maybe many might argue that the first photo was rudely taken but hey the sign board is behind and you cant actually take it without anyone in the foreground. (unless it is an empty cafe and the blogger wouldnt be there in the first place, would he?) furthermore showing the waitress carrying the cup of coffee carefully is also showcasing the service of the cafe. The pictures of this blog are very well taken and a job well done so far. Based on his earlier posts i am very sure that the blogger respects the people and their privacy, and as mentioned they arent any unglam pics of anyone in particular. what most food blogs failed to do is to capture the ambiance of the place (ambiance cant work without people in it -.-) and not just how awesome the food looks like. i really appreciate his work and i think he is well aware now of how sensitive this things can get for an artist ^^

  11. Hon Cheong

    If you want to argue about rights to privacy then you should… I don’t know, include the whole internet? That’s privacy infringement galore for you. Don’t take it out on just a humble food blogger trying to capture moments of human bliss enjoying good food.

  12. Coolstorybroz

    Ok, I normally don’t post comments on blogs I read, but I guess I cannot just sit here and watch.

    So, the owner may be in the wrong for posting pictures of other people without permission. And some of you have informed him/her of the guidelines and stuff.

    Since the blog owner has been duly informed and learnt a new lesson in blog etiquette, seriously, give it a rest already and quit whining. Why blow such a small matter out of proportion?

    And by the way, for those who said that the blog owner “wants hits/pageviews and loves comments”, chill guys. A blog is meant to be read anyway and it is exactly you people who are writing the comments, so don’t say he loves comments if you haven’t started writing them in the first place.

    I guess that’s all. Cheers!

  13. Murray

    Silence is golden.

  14. Justchillz

    Simply put, a food blog is a collation of post and recommendations of places of good food for the general public to enjoy. I guess looking through the blog is such that you want to source for opinions or recommendations to places of delicious food to enjoy. Should you find what you like, good, take note and give the place a try. If not just look around some more to find something to your liking. Why the need to make the blogger or any party uneasy and stir some ethical issue up? Needless to say the anony party has taken a liberty to give constructive feedback but theres certainly no need to make the blogger feel demoralized about his work.

    • Rebecca

      Justchillz, I’m afraid you are just stating the obvious in your first few lines. Then again, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. However, it seems like several comments here are aimed at the owner of this blog. I’m sure “The Anony” cannot be more confident of the consequences should this whiny matter escalate. Neither can I grasp “Anony”‘s miserable understanding of a responsible food blogging community. Perhaps Murray is right afterall, silence is golden in this time and age of striving social media. Last but not least, I doubt anyone here is making the blogger feel demoralized about his work. There is no need to and he/she should definitely be proud of the work thus far. Regards.

  15. Adrian Lai

    Let’s focus on the food please. Not worth going, so-so food lah….

  16. Ling

    To mothers: NOT A CHILD FRIENDLY PLACE!! DON’T TAKE KIDS! My daughter bruised herself there. Hard edges everywhere!

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