The Rolling Pin Bakery

The Rolling Pin Bakery @Bukit Batok

You want hotel-quality desserts in a neighbourhood setting, you can have it at Bukit Batok Central.

Modestly hidden in a corner of Bukit Batok Town Council is the one-year-old Rolling Pin Bakery which has cream puffs as their trump card. And with offices sweeping them in batches of 200, popularity is an understatement. However, Chef Raymond Tan retains his humbleness, and his cheerful, pleasant disposition is probably why patrons keep coming back for more. With almost a decade of his life dedicated to the dessert scene in Ritz-Carlton and Mandarin Orchard, you can bet your bottom dollar that when we say their cream puffs are good, we are not lying.

Custard Cream Puff, 1.5

Gazing at those cutesy round temptations, half the battle had already been won, and the other half towards fantasizing. Indeed, the puffs won us over upon the first bite with the flaky shell crumbling invitingly and giving way to the custard within. No artificial flavouring involved, says the tiny vanilla pod seeds found swimming in the custard. Besides, the traditional recipe only meant that no whipped cream was invited to the party. We adored how dense and creamy it turned out, and yet not being overpowering at the same time. Seriously, there was a self-destruct tendency to solely down cream puffs for lunch.

Durian Cream Puff, 1.8

Similarly, the juxtaposition of the textures for the durian cream puff was at its best. Suckers for durian should be pampered by the pungent fragrance/odour of the D24 fruit, with no hint of impurities engaged in the baking process. Whilst durian-haters got to hate, we were shoving durian puffs unceremoniously in our mouths. Forget cutlery, your fingers deserved the smell too. Of course, strictly no kissing after indulgence.

Mango Cream Puff, 1.5

Once again, Raymond placed his emphasis on the quality of the fillings by eliminating the usage of mango essence, so only mango and passionfruit puree was embraced. The tangy-sweet chemistry slided down the throat gracefully, and it was oh-so-comforting. Too bad there was no mango bits to be found, or it could have been better.

Mango Swiss Roll, 5/roll

Another dessert for us to digress about is their Mango Swiss Roll with skin as fair as snow. As simple as it may present itself, the baking procedure actually involves separating the egg whites and yolks and handling them individually, which is why the rolls yield a chiffon-like texture that melts on your tongue. Impressive, but not impressive enough as the monotony of consistent soft textures may set in some queasiness soon. Blame it on our pampered tongues.

Young and handsome chef

Do yourself a favour and grab a cream puff, and you may just see cream puffs in a new light. For now, they are still missing tables and chairs so we could only count on take-aways: perfect for office workers to combat the dreaded monday blues. On top of their noteworthy puffs, they do have traditional buns going at a dollar each on saturdays, and mini-ones would be 5 for 3bucks throughout the week.

p.s. Plans to open a cafe dedicated to cream puffs in Somerset are in the making. Offices rejoice!

 Blk 630 Bukit Batok Central

#01-150 Singapore

Tel: +65 9138 8676




  1. wow these cream puffs look really good. i should drag myself down to bukit batok to try them soon!

  2. Yeah they are good, besides you dont have to burn ur pocket:)

  3. oh, thats in my neighbourhood too. will have to check it out soon :) thx

  4. Timbaud

    Die die must try the durian cream puffs.

    The mocha swiss roll has a wonderful fine texture second to none…

  5. Edmund Raymond

    yummy yummy , I love the cakes by rolling pin bakery :)

  6. Alex Wong

    Wow Raymond Tan … So impressed by your cream puff ..! I would love tryin out .. It’s just so tempting ..! Can u tell me … Wats more ? Smileeee;))))

  7. gluttony cat

    Yes,is indeed a hidden gem in Bukit Batok! Their signature cream puffs are sooo good n addictive ( one is never enough) Oh Oh!! Their swiss roll cakes are niceee too,especially the matcha flavour ( me,a green tea lover :P ) Although its a small bakery shop but its filled with variety of yummy stuffs like cute looking buns, wholesome breads,n hot drinks ( yes,they serve authentic coffee n yummylicious hot chocolate ) Pop by the shop n you’ll know what i mean! ;))

  8. The Durian Puffs at $3.60 for two is a steal.You can’t get them elsewhere.The lady that served me was equally humorous and jolly,my small takeaway order two durian puffs,nothwithstanding.Ha3!

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