This blog is about a boy who lives to eat.

He believes eating is not just about the food itself. It is about the journey, the five senses and ofcourse, great company. 

He holds a Canon S95.



  1. Effy

    Hihi! Just wanna say I love all the cafes that you’ve visited! Like 15 Minutes, The Plain, Riders, Kichn etc etc! Just a suggestion though, I think you should type in normal font. All the caps kinda makes it feel like you’re shouting everything out all the time. Maybe you wanna come across as being excited which isn’t a bad thing really! But the voice inside my head gets tired hahahah. Oh and try to write more? Describe the food, the ambience, crowd, etc! You have potential! Would love to read more ;)

  2. Nicole

    hi! i really love this food blog. it’s awesome and yes, a little more description would be great if not it would be really hard to decide among the many great places to visit! is there a submission option though?

  3. Love your passion for food, love the blog. WIll be trying out one of these places really soon (:

  4. SK

    Nice blog you have! I like all the cafe posts =)

  5. halo there!!

    Absolut-ly lovelovelove your website! Beautiful directory of all the wonderful cafes out there.. you do them justice! I’ve always wanted to keep a directory to shop my friends about these places (w/o the usual blogpost style)… this saves me the hassle + it’s done a millions times better than i would’ve!

    Just wanna say THANKS and drop a note of a new kid in town http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kooka-Cafe/252407741475733 I went there and tried their pastries/cakes it’s yummy + homebaked!

    keep up the good work!


    • hey jing4,

      i cannot express how grateful i am to receive such lavish compliments. i really do appreciate these kind words, they keep me going.
      Kooka cafe right? I will surely look forward to that

      thanks alot!


  6. nice blog.

  7. Ken Lim

    Hi Brother,

    Thanks for the nice blog :)

    See you tomorrow at the course ..

  8. pirouetteendehors

    Just wanted to say the clean, crisp but warm concept is really loveable! And the photos simply look brilliant.. Way to go! (: Looks like there’s a lot of nomnomnom to do when I return!

    Hope all else is going fantabulously well x

    (Hello from York)

  9. Beautiful pictures, love the clean minimalist look of your posts. Can I invite you to lunch, I wonder?

  10. Ernest Chia

    Kah Lok, don’t eat too much…Mr.Chia

    • OMG is that really you MR long-lost Ernest Chia?

      damn, its been years


      • Ernest Chia

        It’s me. Nice blog you have, was asking about your from Wong JJ and Hongjie and they mentioned you’re busy with this. How’s life?

      • Haha! They always laugh at my blog name, esp jj and li rui. You know that guy cannot stop laughing

        Im doing good; survived ns and now awaiting the nxt milestone in life i guess

        Ah, i see u are doing better than i am, having like 3 kids now?

  11. Huimin

    Hey! Nice blog you have here! I am impressed!:) PS: sorry i laughed at the name of your blog when you mentioned it the last time we met, guess it isnt so bad after all! – Huimin

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